The InnovateLIVE Social Media Team: You met us in person, now meet us online

InnovateLIVE’s Social Media Interns all went into their internship experience hoping to take away different things from the opportunity.

 (from left to right) Jaysn Molly Chase, Sharanya Rao, Katie Hurlock, and Madison Miller make up InnovateLIVE's Social Media Team.

(from left to right) Jaysn Molly Chase, Sharanya Rao, Katie Hurlock, and Madison Miller make up InnovateLIVE’s Social Media Team.

Sharanya Rao, a Mary Baldwin College Sophomore studying Psychology, Women’s Studies, and Art History, said that she wanted to “. . . see how such an event is run, and to be able to understand, at least in some part, the inner-workings of such a festive convergence, as it’s called. I also hope to better my skills at social media, and do a good job of getting the word out about such an event, and generating buzz about it.”

Katie Hurlock, a Mary Baldwin College Senior who studied English and Women’s Studies, hoped to “. . . learn more social media skills, and to get to meet and learn more about some great people in Staunton, and the kinds of businesses that they are starting.”

Jaysn Molly Chase, a Mary Baldwin College Sophomore majoring in International Affairs and Anthropology, got involved because “it sounded like a really good experience, and I like working with social media.” In general, she said she hoped to gain “more experience” overall.

Madison Miller, a Mary Baldwin College Freshman majoring in Marketing Communications and Political Science, joined the social media team because she wanted to “. . . learn more about the business sector, having very little personal entrepreneurial experience” and because she hoped to “. . . learn how to navigate social media in a business context.”

At their final debrief meeting, however, each member of the Social Media Team said that the rewards reaped by their involvement in InnovateLIVE, in terms of knowledge obtained, far surpassed their expectations. Each of them walked away from the experience having gained the answers to questions they were not aware they had been asking, and with new ideas to ponder. 

They all brought various skill sets to the table, as well, hoping to give just as much as they themselves gained. 

Hurlock is an active participant in student government on campus, a role that has gifted her with excellent planning skills, and someone who has spent a long time studying English, making her well versed in communicating with others, and writing articles.

Rao is also involved in Mary Baldwin Student Government, which means she has similar planning experience. She is also an editor for Outrageous Fortune, a literary magazine by and for undergraduates, which has given her much experience writing and editing, and means she is well versed in using wordpress.

Chase has a lot of experience using different social media platforms (she convinced Miller to make an instagram), and actually owns her own jewelry business, Broke College Crafters, with business partner Emily Chandler, meaning that she has knowledge of the inter-workings of the business world. 

Miller is also an editor for Outrageous Fortune, as well as a member of Mary Baldwin’s senate, and is a voracious user of social media. She has broader experience with communications, however, having anchored in Mary Baldwin’s Election Live Broadcast, participated in MBC Radio, written newspaper articles, and assisted Mary Baldwin College’s Yearbook Team.

This very dedicated team of Social Media Interns all have their individual quirks as well. Hurlock studied abroad in Oxford last summer, and leaves lipstick stains on every mug from which she drinks. The chances of not seeing Rao wear the color blue are extremely, extremely low. Chase is an archer, and the chance of Miller purchasing something goes up by at least 80 percent if it has a Superhero logo on it.

Though they may not take themselves too seriously in their personal lives, this did not stop them from taking seriously their involvement in InnovateLIVE.

After all, InnovateLIVE’s Social Media interns are a socially conscious bunch. Several of them hold ties to Mary Baldwin Campus Organization CGIU: Changemakers for Women,  which is dedicated to improving the lives of at-risk women and girls.

Hurlock and Rao put it best when speaking of the event’s important.

According to Rao, she got involved with InnovativeLIVE because “it’s really cool. I had never done anything like this before. I thought it would be a really fun experience for me to try new things while meeting new people, and simultaneously help the community, as well.”

Hurlock deemed InnovateLIVE  “. . . an important contribution to the Staunton community. There hasn’t been anything like this before here, so I thought it was really, really neat. I wanted to meet more like minded people, and make connections.”



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