Innovate LIVE on the magic of place

With 2015 unfolding, preparations for Innovate LIVE are starting to buzz.  While our website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram feed will surely tout the many announcements, speakers, programs, and details over the coming months, we wanted to take a more reflective moment and ask:  What is Innovate LIVE?


We began with the goal of celebrating the “start-up” energy of Staunton and the surrounding region. Taking a page from the much lauded and locally authored Micropolitan Manifesto, we weren’t out to replicate big-city Silicon Valley start-up energy.  This is a celebration of place. Of collaborative co-creation. Of social entrepreneurs, creative economies, shareable innovation and more. At Innovate LIVE, we know that small cities, micro-projects and locally grounded innovation is some of the most beautiful. With communities built at human scale, we have space to ask: What types of innovation grows best here?  How do we, together, help it flourish?[C]WP_SVA-SNOW_2013_09

With these themes in mind, we’re taking a few minutes amongst the snow and showers today to plan for April weather and April happenings.   We’d like to share a few of our guiding principles and questions — while also asking, what does place-based innovation mean to you?  (we’d love to read your comments in the space below!)

  • Valuing Local Perspectives:    Place-based innovation is done by place-based innovators. There are many new and beautiful ideas to be brought to the Valley, but what innovations are already growing here that can be seen, elevated, and celebrated too?
  • Connecting Diverse Communities:    If innovation isn’t merely the province of business, how do practitioners learn from each other?  How can we help spark dialog across communities and initiatives?
  • Growing From Within:   Innovation solutions to local challenges don’t aways need to come from outside existing communities.  How do we unleash local responses, with local resources, to co-create our own solutions?





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