Logistics Team Interns

The Logistics team was made up of four amazing Mary Baldwin women: Veronica Jones, Rachel Heacock, Chastity Nobles, and Carlyssa Lebeauf. Together they planned the registration process, organized getting the supplies together, promoted the event, gathered up our awesome tee-shirts, and were the go-tos for all things organization during the weekend. Each ones contribution helped make this weekend the success that it was!


Veronica is a Marketing Communications major, graduating in 2017. She joined the team for a new learning experience, as she has previously had none in non-profits, as well as wanting to help out with the event. Veronica wanted to help and gain experience throughout Innovate Live. Veronica also played clarinet for nine years!


Chastity, a business major with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship, wanted to join Innovate live because she plans on being an entrepreneur and wished to network and meet people. She hoped to gain a fun experience out of this event as well as gain knowledge especially about what people are thinking in the community. Interesting fact: Chasity has been in five states in the last six months.

Rachel is working on a degree in economics, graduating in 2018. She was super pumped for Innovate live, and wanted to help facilitate new thoughts. From the conference, Rachel hoped to get good experience especially since she’s helped with similar conferences before. She would like to go on to be an executive in baseball


Carlyssa plans on graduating in 2017 with a degree in psychology, emphasizing in personnel work. She joined the conference because she wanted a multi-class May term, and after googling what Innovate live was she felt it fit really well with her goals and got excited for it! From the conference she hoped to get some networking done as well as wanting to hear and compare ideas, especially from pitch night, and develop her skills and gain new perspectives. Check out her awesome Industrialist piercing!

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