2015 April
The Staunton City Department of Economic Development initially partnered with the Staunton Creative Community Fund to host a start-up weekend. To help promote and execute the weekend, they recruited 11 interns from Mary Baldwin College. Innovate LIVE bloomed. Social entrepreneurs, community organizers, and artistic creators converged in coffee shops, patios, and classrooms to explore the next wave of innovative ideas that were transforming our local communities. Sustainability, cooperation, the new economy, arts and music were where local opportunities for change and evolution were found. Together, we collaborated in order begin to develop and share the tools to build more vibrant communities and more creative lives.

2016 Spring
Our Innovate LIVE weekend was so successful that we were requested to keep the movement going, so in the Spring of 2016, we hosted a series of events and workshops. If you missed these events, don’t worry, we will have more in the Fall!
Read about what happened in our Building Better Businesses workshop.

2016 Summer
For the summer of 2016, we partnered with the Staunton Makerspace, RC6 to host Innovate LIVE: Maker Camp for middle school students. These middle school students will build, train, and fly their own remote control plane at this camp. This interactive hands-on, multi-day workshop introduces shared workspaces where participants are exposed to the tools, ideas, and skills necessary to build and foster innovative ideas.