What is Innovate LIVE?

An initiative of the City of Staunton and the Staunton Creative Community Fund to work with local innovators, visionaries, and entrepreneurs.

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Maker Camp

A camp for middle-school students to build, learn to operate, and graduate with their own remote control plane.

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Want to get involved?

You're excited, we're excited! Here's how to get involved, learn more, and get started with Innovate LIVE.

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What makes the Maker Camp so important?

So you’ve seen us advertising the Innovate LIVE: Maker Camp and wondered what are the benefits of participating in the camp. Here are our top reasons to enroll. 1. It follows STEAM education. We’ve heard so much about STEM education, so what is STEAM? The simple and straightforward answer is: Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts,

Bach n'Roll Roundtable

Bach n’ Roll Roundtable

Pictures Location Speakers PICTURES LOCATION Queen City Brewing Queen City Brewing was founded in 2003, and holds the honor of being the first brewery since Prohibition in Staunton, Virginia.  With roots in Brew On Premise beer-making, they give the customer a unique experience with a delicious product. With over ten years of brewing, they’ve accumulated over

Building Better Businesses

Building Better Businesses

We wrapped up the last of the Innovate LIVE: Spring workshops this past week, thank you for attendance and participation! Follow us on Twitter @Innovate_LIVE to find out when our Fall workshops begin. Speaker Location Overview Speaker Christina Cain, the Executive Director of the Staunton Creative Community Fund was our speaker for the night. She